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Ready 2 Change

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GPs, mental health clinicians, community health care workers and other Alcohol and Other Drug services can refer their clients into the Ready 2 Change program.

However, if the client is already engaged in individual counselling for alcohol or drug difficulties we do not recommend engaging in the Ready 2 Change program at the same time and instead will refer clients back to their established counsellor. However, we do work with clients who have group alcohol and drug support, but no individual counselling.

Ready 2 Change is typically most effective when there is mild to moderate substance use, e.g. using most days but not every day and when clients have capacity to attend regular appointments and complete written, structured tasks both in and between sessions.

Sometimes life stresses may make it difficult for clients to engage in the Ready 2 Change program, e.g. unemployment, homelessness, significant physical and mental difficulties, and complex legal matters, and we might recommend engaging in other services first before trying the Ready 2 Change program.

Please note that Ready 2 Change is not a waitlist space for clients and if they are on a waitlist for another alcohol and drug service we recommend that waitlist support is provided by that service.

If you have any further questions about the Ready 2 Change program please email us at [email protected] otherwise you can go ahead and do a 'self assessment' with your client. Once you have completed the self-assessment, if Ready 2 Change is recommended then you will be directed to the Registration tab.