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Ready 2 Change

For friends and family


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For Immediate

If you are worried about a friend or family member’s substance use, you can talk to them about the Ready 2 Change program.  If they decide that Ready 2 Change is a good fit for them, they can create a self-referral via the 'self assessment' tab and a Ready 2 Change counsellor will talk to them further about the program. In this discussion, the counsellor will work with your friend/ family member to determine if Ready 2 Change is the right program and, if not, make recommendations for support.

As a family member or friend of an alcohol or other drug user, you may also need support. You can contact Directline (PH: 1800 888 236) to speak with a counsellor about your situation. Family Drug Helpline (PH: 1300 660 068) provides specialist support and information for family and friends of alcohol or other drug users.