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What to expect

You can feel confident talking to us

Qualified support

Our counsellors are professionally qualified and trained to work across a wide range of alcohol and drug problems.

We'll want to know about you

We’ll ask you some questions about your situation and what you are going through.

Recommendations based on your situation

Using the information you give us, we’ll offer recommendations about your specific situation.

Referrals to specialist services

We can also refer you to alcohol and drug treatment services throughout Victoria if necessary.

How we can help

Services are available to anyone in Victoria affected by an alcohol or drug problem.

Our counsellors can provide:

  • Immediate counselling and support
  • Support in dealing with the impact of drug use on families
  • Assistance in developing strategies to deal with alcohol or drug problems
  • Information about how to reduce the harm associated with drug use
  • Information and referral to treatment and support services across Victoria
  • Links to further information and education resources

We refer to treatment services including:

  • Individual counselling
  • Withdrawal services
  • Pharmacotherapy services (e.g. methadone and buprenorphine)
  • Drink and drug driving services
  • Take Home Naloxone Program 
  • Needle and syringe collection and disposal services
  • Services for Aboriginal communities
  • Family, relationship and group counselling
  • Rehabilitation and post-withdrawal

It's ok to ask for help

Some reasons you might ask for help

You’ve tried to change but it’s been difficult

Coping with a drug or alcohol problem on your own is difficult. Our counsellors can help you put a plan in place and give you techniques to manage a change for the better. If you need more dedicated support, we can refer you to a specialist alcohol and drug service.

It’s causing issues with your relationships

Alcohol and drug problems can be the source of many relationship problems. DirectLine can provide advice on how to manage your alcohol or drug problem, and also refer you to specialist relationship and family support services.

You regret things you’ve said or done under the influence

If you’ve had regrets about things you’ve said or done while drinking or using drugs, it may be an indicator that you need some help. Talk to a counsellor about your drug and alcohol use and help take stock of your situation.

You’re not feeling physically or mentally healthy

Alcohol and drugs can take a toll on your mind and body. If you’re not feeling healthy or have medical problems relating to you drinking or drug use, we can connect you with a support service that’s right for you.

Looking for something else?

These services can provide you with assistance across a range of related issues