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Services include intake and assessment and needle and syringe programs

Intake and assessment services provide pathways to tailored, individualised treatment for Victorians

Offering improved and easy to navigate support for people affected by alcohol and other drugs

Services throughout Victoria There are intake & assessment services and local services catering to rural and urban areas across Victoria.
Standardised assessment No matter which service you are referred to, you will always receive the same high standard of treatment and assessment.
Tailored to your needs Qualified professionals will ensure that your treatment plan will be tailored to meet your specific needs.

More about intake and assessment

Find out more about how the process works

What is intake and assessment?

The role of an intake and assessment service is to help people seeking alcohol and drug treatment to access the treatment that is right for them.

You’ll be asked about your alcohol and drug issues and general health and wellbeing, provided with useful information and advice, and linked to a treatment provider in your area, where required. 

What can you expect when you call?

When you first call an intake and assessment service you can expect to speak with a clinician about your alcohol and drug and other issues, and preferences for information, advice and/or treatment. 

Together you will decide whether you need further assessment and treatment. Your clinician will help you to find the best service for you at a convenient location.

What type of services are offered?

All intake and assessment services offer the same suite of services, including information and advice, brief screening, comprehensive assessment and referral to further treatment.

Intake and assessment services also link people with treatment at specialist alcohol and drug services. The intake and assessment clinician can provide you with information about the treatment services that are right for you.

Will treatment be tailored to my needs?

In consultation with you, a clinician will tailor a treatment plan that addresses your alcohol and drug needs.

The plan will also take into account other needs that are important to you, such as family, mental health or legal issues.