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I am already seeing a counsellor or psychologist, should I still try Ready 2 Change?

If you already have a counsellor for drug or alcohol difficulties we do not typically recommend engaging in the Ready 2 Change program at the same time and instead will recommend you continue with your current counsellor. However, we do work with clients who have group alcohol and drug support, but no individual counselling.

If you are seeing a counsellor or mental health clinician for reasons other than drug or alcohol difficulties we can talk to you more about the Ready 2 Change program and think together if it would be a helpful addition to your current counselling. In some cases engaging in both Ready 2 Change and other counselling can be helpful and in other cases we might explore how you can be better supported by your current counsellor/psychologist to help make changes to both you drug or alcohol use as well as other difficulties.

What is the program’s success rate?

Ready 2 Change is effective as a brief, telephone program that supports individuals who are concerned about their substance use.

Research indicates that participation in the program is associated with significant reductions in alcohol or other drug use, and with reduced levels of psychological distress. These changes are maintained until at least three months after participating in the first session of Ready 2 Change.

Evaluation continues and more work is required to evaluate online technologies and the application of this program. Current evaluation supports the effectiveness of Ready 2 Change as a brief, telephone-delivered intervention for people concerned about their use of alcohol or other drug use.

What treatment approaches are used in the program?

The Ready 2 Change program draws on a range of evidence-based treatment approaches, including motivational interviewing, mindfulness, dealing with urges and cravings, relapse prevention, and cognitive based intervention strategies such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Do I need to know about/understand the treatment approaches before starting?

Participants do not need prior knowledge of the treatment approaches used in the counselling sessions. Clinicians will explain the processes as they guide you through, and answer your questions about the purpose or function of an exercise or therapeutic approach.

Do I have to have stopped using to engage in the program?

You do not have to have stopped using to participate. We ask that you approach the telephone sessions as you would a face-to-face counselling setting, by abstaining from using prior to or during counselling sessions. During the self-assessment you will understand better if the program is suitable for your level of use.

What qualifications do the counsellors have?

All the Ready 2 Change clinicians are highly trained and skilled in the field of drug and alcohol counselling. There is a range of professionals within the team, including social workers and psychologists.

How often do the counselling sessions take place?

The Ready 2 Change program is a flexible program and therefore sessions can be booked according to your needs. Most people start with weekly sessions, then move to fortnightly sessions mid-way to practise their new skills and lengthen the duration and value of therapy.