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Why should I access AOD Pathways? 

People who have problems with drug and alcohol use but also have other complex needs often find it hard to get drug and alcohol treatment. AOD Pathways can assist people and/or their families or carers to get effective help. 

What are 'complex needs'? 

Complex needs may include:

  • unemployment 
  • homelessness
  • difficulty with the law
  • problematic gambling
  • depression, anxiety, or other mental health problems or disorders
  • made unsuccessful attempts to get treatment in the past.

Who can refer?

People or their families/friends can make self-referrals, or can be referred by: 

  • intake and assessment services 
  • alcohol and/or other drug treatment services
  • DirectLine, Family Drug Help, YoDAA 
  • general practitioners
  • other primary and specialist health services.